important note: There is no artistic skill needed to participate in any of our groups or workshops.  Just a willingness to trust the process. 

Are you a parent or carer concerned with how your child is managing in life?

Have you noticed changes in their mood or behavior?

Are they feeling anxious, struggling to deal with big emotions?

Are they having problems dealing with friendships or having issues in school?

You are in the right place to get the help and support you need.

Enroll now in one of our groups. 

Don't see a group you think is helpful?

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Navigating Your Teen's Mood with Art 

This is a 12- week group for teen 13-17 struggling with low feelings and anxiety.



Not sure what this looks like? 

Pre- Registration Open NOW!

No Less a Mother 

A 7 day creative exploration for women that have loss their baby. 


Family Lies:


7 day creative exploration of female generational trauma.


Puppetry workshop 

This a 6 - week group for ages 6 -10 affected by a traumatic event. 

Coming 2021!

unmasking cultural trauma in the

lives of Brown Girls

Coming soon!

Puppetry Workshop 

12- Week Transforming Depression with Art

February 4th - April 29th 2021

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