VENT, Sip,

and Paint 



via ZOOM

December 14th 

6:00 - 7:45 p.m.


I'm so sorry that this semester hasn't been what

you expected.

When you decided to teach, I bet you NEVER

anticipated a year like this.



                                    Boy oh boy!

I'm certain this new way of teaching wasn't one of

the things you signed up for.  

A world pandemic would've never made it on your top 5 list of possibilities that would make you feel like you were losing your mind. 


But Look, here we are. Navigating a 'new normal' they say. 

Figuring it out day by day. 


One thing I've learned, of all the professions, is that teachers are creatures of habit but lately there hasn't been much consistency has it? 


You know what though,

I've been thinking about you and I decided to offer you a space to,  first,  VENT. Get it all off your chest love.

Together, we'll discuss the ups and downs of the semester.

What you didn't have, What you wish you had and anything in between. 



Then RELAX, kickback. 

Sip on ANYTHING you want.

Remember you'll be in the comfort of your

own home.

SO, the sky is the limit.

and last


I'll supply canvas, paint, and brushes.

Oh, wait!

Does the thought of making art frighten you?

Don't worry. You won't be graded. 

You don't need any artistic skills to take part in this experience.

Just a willingness to engage. 

Feel better now? 


Listen, I'm truly sorry you've had a year like this.

What's worse is each of you have your own lives, with some really

BIG things happening.

  I can't FIX what's going on. But, I can offer you this.  

This time is intended to be a private confidential SAFE space to bear it all. 

I want you to be able to unpack and process everything that has happened this year in teaching.  While getting you mentally prepped for round two of the rollercoaster.  


great! Book your spot!

looking forward to seeing you. 

please keep in mind that once you've book there will be no refund. 

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