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Middle School

A 2- Day Bootcamp


                             8 weekly support groups 

To help your M1 student settle in with confidence.  

Your young one is beginning middle school! 

 I bet you are amazed at how fast this day came. I'm sure it feels like just yesterday when they began preschool.

Middle school is a big step for both of you. You may need to prepare your self for not being in the know as much anymore. Your window on your role as the gatekeeper is closing. 

Not to worry!

This group has been carefully designed to ensure that your groundwork will pay off and more importantly, that your soon to be teenager has the skills to CRUSH middle school.


Your new middle schooler will take part in a 2-day bootcamp that will lay the foundation that is all things middle school.

Discussions, games, yoga, and of course, art therapy have been planned so that your young one has the skills to settled into middle school and succeed.  

After, an 8-week group will support them through the first two months of school to ensure that they are managing and using skills effectively.


 August 21 - 22nd 

 9:00 - 2:00 

 location: TBA




8 Weekly groups 


4:30 - 5:45

$179.00 per week 

2-Day Bootcamp and supplies


If I was you I wouldn't think about it too long. The deadline to book is August 14th. 

It's normal for students leaving primary school to feel overwhelmed by the new changes in Middle. School.


They are required to be more responsible, more organized, more prepared.

And let's be honest, this, becomes way too much for the little ones!


They no longer have Mrs. Smith who knows their handwriting and will put their worksheet or book with no name inside their desk for them at the end of the day.

The NEW teachers will have 30 or more student's work to mark and grade. 


Gone are the days of sitting in ONE class all day.


Moving from class to class throughout the day is the new normal. Remembering to take books to certain classes, locker times. Oh wait P.E. kit and Art supplies. 


Questions like do I have my homework assignments for the 5 or more teachers? 

It's a lot right. Your poor baby. 


Oh, but wait!! 

What if the new school year starts online? or has to go back online later.

Your little one may have managed in primary school.


But now this timethey'll have to


juggle all these new classes,


and new teachers,


with new students.... through a screen!!

 Book by August 14th. 

But not to worry, Surviving Middle school will help your new middle schooler adjust to ALL these new changes.

Boot camp will set the groundwork.

Agendas, why use them and how to make them work for you.

Organizational color coding masters will help them keep track of assignments. Projects, presentations,  P.E. kit and Family Studies supplies. Yup they now have Family Studies. Oh and wait! Foreign language and D&T.   

Saved by the bell will make sure they are never late to class. It's easy to stop and talk in the halls or pop into the bathroom real quick. Being late to classes is NO,NO.


Friend or Frenemy Yes, new spaces equals new faces. and you don't know everyone's parents anymore. GRRR!

It's harder to VET the company you child will keep. 

Helping them to stay out of drama, focus in class and be respectful to teachers and fellow students will be a big part of their success as well.


The 8 weekly sessions will make sure that your child is using all these skills effectively to maximize their academic success.    

Be sure your M1 student has the tools they need to be successful from the very start. Why wait til November to realize that they probably could've had some help getting adjusted in the first weeks. 

 Book by August 14th. 

Be sure to take a look at the payments and policies procedures. I want to make sure you are comfortable with payment plans. 

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