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Payment and   


​Therapy is an investment in and commitment to yourself. The prices of sessions include a provided range of art materials as well as the experience and skills of a trained Art Psychotherapist, artist, supervisor, & educator.

  • All group/workshops follow the payment schedule chosen once you purchase.  Invoiced agencies must pay in full before the start of any group.

  • If your group or workshop is on a daily schedule (1-4 days)  payment should be made in full before the start of the group/workshop.

  • Once you or your young one is registered for a group there will be no refund for missed or canceled sessions. However, If groups are canceled by Caf.bda for any reason all payments will be reimbursed. 

  • Participants must be able to commit to the entire group from start to finish; again, there will be no refund for missed group dates.

  •  For in-person groups, It would be helpful if participants arrive 10 minutes before the group or as close to start time as possible and be able to remain at the end of each session.

  • Artwork or journals produced during sessions will be kept secure and safe until the end groups. At this point, participants will decide how/if work will be kept or discarded.  Any artwork left in the care of Caf.bda after the end of a group will be stored for a time period of 1 month before it is discarded. 

  • Participants will be required to sign a release to document artwork or journals through photography. Names will remain anonymous  or a pseudo name will be given.


online banking is excepted if card payments are not possible. 


Online banking payments should be made to the following BNTB account: 

Account Name:      CAFBermuda   

account number:  060 4019590 019 

be sure to add your first initial and last name in the reference box along with the group name and week of payment.

Please make sure to check your group to ensure you are using the correct payment schedule. 


 No cheques will be accepted. Cash can be accepted if you are unable to make online or debit/credit card payments. 


Please be sure you or your young one is ready for your sessions on time. Try to prepare yourself 5 minutes prior. Set up in a comfortable location where you won't be disturbed. Other housekeeping (etiquette and such) will be discussed during the first session. 


All online sessions will be charged at $225.00 per session. All sessions must be paid for either before sessions or immediately after via debit/credit card or online bank transfer. 



  • It is very important that both you and your young one know the importance of privacy and confidentiality regarding therapeutic services.  Within group therapy, sensitive and personal information is shared. To maintain a safe and supportive environment, all participants must understand that the information and names of other group members must remain in the confines of the group setting. 

  •  To maintain yours and other's physical and psychological safety, information will be shared on a 'need-to-know' basis with appropriate persons if/or as required.  

  • Information you share with in the group will only be shared unless you appear to be a danger to yourself and/or others

Your Privacy 

This policy outlines Cafbermuda's procedures for collecting, storing and processing personal data. (‘personal data’ means data which relates to a living individual who can be identified from the data or from other information from that data.) 

Art Therapy is about empowerment and relationships - we share within a trusting relationship. In the early contacts with you I would have explained as much as I can about who I am, what Art Therapy is, how the sessions will be structured. This and the information I collect about you is to enable you to make an informed choice about engaging in sessions and to enable me to offer this unique service safely, ethically and professionally with you.  

I, Richelle Richards as an independent Art Psychotherapist am responsible for taking the lead on compliance, personal data, information on procedures, dealing with both internal and external access requests, and how the information collected is used.  When I work commissioned by or on behalf of an organization I will adhere to both their and my data policies. I never pass any of your information on to other parties without your express permission or outside of the descriptions below.  I absolutely never sell any details.


Why do I need the information I hold?
I need to request and store your details in order to administer and deliver the service you have requested, and to comply with any legal or professional body responsibilities that ensue in the delivery of that service.

    You will be asked to complete an intake form, which will include your name, address, contact details (email and/or phone number) DOB/age, relevant health history/information, preferred contact/next of kin and GP details as standard.  You will be invited to include your reasons for attending Art Therapy and you will need to sign your informed consent/agreement to the T&C's.   It is good practice to inform your GP or other significant professional that you are attending Art therapy and we usually decide together who that will be and who will inform them.   If you are under 16 the application will be co-signed by your parent/responsible adult.


  • PHONE NUMBERS and texts sent (if you choose to use this form of communication between sessions) from these numbers are stored in my phone under initials or a single name only.  The phone is password protected. 

  • EMAILS -  I will keep and use your email address in regard to your art therapy.  
    You will continue to see on the bottom of every email my signature, designation, contact details and HCPC registration number.   
    Any detailed or private information you choose to send via your email is your choice and responsibility. To date I have not been able to guarantee that my email is fully secure and this is always written on the bottom of every email you receive, and so when an email is your preferred communication route, the manner and content you have chosen to share in this way has determined my reply within the same style and parameters, although I endeavor to generalize and anonymize where I can.  

  • I store relevant emails in a folder on my laptop, which is double password protected.  I am continuing to seek ways to further enhance the encryption and safest storage but if you are unhappy with this please let me know and I will either print and file them or dispose of them (this depends on clinical need).  

    To undertake the work fully, safely, and professionally, as well as to receive payment, I will need to send you or relevant others (such as GP's or paying authorities) letters, invoices, application forms and/or other relevant documents.  I may also need to receive these from others.  
    I will use the least information needed for these to be functional and meaningful.  I will store these for my records.  
    I will write and send detailed reports or letters to you and/or outside agencies/persons if you have requested and given your express consent for this, via the encrypted email system described above.    


    Please be aware that your chosen reference name/number will appear on my bank records which I must keep for 7 years for legal purposes.  If these are identifying, will endeavor to black these out on any paper statements where possible.  

    As a psychotherapeutic professional I must work within the law and data protection legislation (, the requirements of my professional Body (, my registrant Body ( and any organizations you may be linked with such as Education, Social or Health services.  This can be a complex ground to navigate as each can have different emphases or requirements on retention, complexity and storage of your Art Therapy-related work.  I do write clinical notes to assist me in my work.  I (often) store your artwork to assist you in your therapy.  I take part in a monthly clinical supervisor to assist me in reflecting on the work to ensure I am doing the best job I can.  I may take photos to send/take to my clinical supervision or to print/file for your own use in therapy or later.  All of these areas listed require me to request, store and write data about you.  I hold this information as securely as I can, keeping only what is necessary both before, during and after your therapy has concluded in line with the considerations of all the guidelines and agencies listed above.  If paper, these are stored in a locked filing cabinet, if electronic, they are double password protected and where possible, encrypted.  I am continuing to seek clarity on how much and how long I must retain this information and will alter my actions in response to new information and tools, keeping you informed here and directly if we are inactive work together.  Currently, my understanding is that I must retain your notes for 7 years after therapy ends or your 18th birthday.  

Unless a life-threatening emergency or safeguarding issue, I will, as a professional and ethical therapist always inform you and seek your consent from start to finish of our work together.  

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask.  





Richelle Richards - owner Cafbermuda  - revised October, 2020

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