No Less A Mother 

A 7 day Therapeutic Art therapy support group.

The loss of your baby is an unimaginable event that I know has stayed with you.


Their passing was not what you planned when you found out you where pregnant. You planned for moments, occasions and celebrations for years to come.

Since then, whether it was yesterday, last week, last month even five or ten years ago. You've been left with an emptiness that feels like a black whole. 

I'm sure you find yourself wondering "What if?", or "Why me?"

You've gone over in your head hundreds of times questioning what happened.

"Did I do something wrong?"


You know it definitely doesn't help when you hear someone say

 "It was nothing you did wrong." or "Maybe if was for the best." even worse..

"You're young enough, you can try again." 

None of these help. Fact is, it probably just makes you feel worse.  

The moments you planned are gone in that one moment. 

It doesn't matter how much time has past.

THAT moment you heard that you where no longer a mother stays with you. 

But know that moment makes you NO less A Mother than any anyone else. 

Come with me on a seven day experience where I will help you explore all your doubts and fears allowing you move forward with peace of mind.


  This group will give you a safe space to creatively explore and process the loss of your baby.

It will allow you to connect with others with their shared stories  though insightful conversations which connect with personal art directives that celebrates your baby. 

no previous art skills are necessary to participate in this group. 

Just a willingness to engage in a new process. 

     October 9th - 15th 

7:00 - 8:15 p.m.

Atlantic Standard Time 

$85.00per day

**must complete entire 7 day experience 

includes complete art packet with supplies for the entire seven days. 

plus bonus context

Make sure you have read the payment polices for this group. 

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