A five week virtual program filled with informative and interactive sessions, designed to help girls ages 9 - 14  develop skills, tips and strategies for a lifetime.

BGA will encourage her to be BRAVE enough to take the lead in her own life and in the world.

Not your ordinary camp

The Brave Girls Academy  

Summer  Edition /Online edition 


The social world for teenage girls can be a stressful and challenging environment. The rise in peer pressure, competitive conflicts, and unhealthy social media messages are all likely contributors to an increase in anxiety, mood disorder and low self-esteem in girls.


Brave Girls Academy is a therapeutic group that will focus is on building self-esteem by establishing an acceptable body image, developing a positive self-concept, and forming healthy peer relationships. Your daughter will develop these skills and more to get her through not just  the bumpy pre-teen and teen years but beyond.  


The goal is to increase her ability to make safe and healthy choices, to develop skills to combat peer pressure, to learn and practice effective coping strategies to address negative feelings and to feel connected with other girls in her age range.


Online sessions will take place

Tuesdays and Thursdays via ZOOM

 10:00a.m.  -  12:00p.m. 

June 30th - July 28th



6:00 - 8:00 p.m


each group    $179.00 per week

You asked...  I listened! 

An additional group has been added



Just later in the day for those of you with mid-day commitments. 

Your young lady can still be part of the Academy!

But wait! I need more information.....

Okay,that's fine.. I have a look.

What's including in this price you're wondering?

Brave Girls Academy is definitely a program set apart from other 'kids programs'

Why? let me tell you. 

Along with the online talks twice a week, your daughter will receive a BGA personal kit bag to go along with a different topic each week.


Five weeks. five topics. These topics  are gonna cover everything that a girl needs to be BRAVE in today's world;  CONFIDENCE, COURAGE, RESILIENCE  and MORE!

Oh!  And each week I will personally deliver a new set of supplies and handouts for the week's art activity AND have a quick one on one to check in with her. (There may be some things she would like to discuss without the whole group knowing)

What's in the bag?

For starters her Brave Girls Academy workbook.  Over 30 pages of content that I will work through with her in the quest of becoming BRAVE. 


  • Discussions, tips, advice on dealing with bullies.

  • How to mange friend drama, rumors, begin excluded. 

  • But what's most important is that I'll give her tools to rise above it all while keeping her head and being true to herself.

Other items in the bag.. 

  • Her own Bullet Journal that she'll use along with her workbook each session. 

  • A set of cool markers that are especially for bullet journalling and stencils.

  • Colored Pencils 

  • Pencil case

That's just for the first week!! 

       Each Friday she will receive a new set of supplies to be ready for the follow weeks art's activity.

Want to know what they are.. 

NOPE,  this information is just for BRAVE GIRLS!   



Now I know that has your attention!

Brave Girls Academy is the perfect program for your daughter.


Give her an experience that's not meant to just keep her busy


Will last her a lifetime. 

Don't miss this opportunity.

Book her space before you miss it.  

 oh wait!  Be sure that she can commit to the FULL five weeks. There will be no refund for missed group dates.  Make sure you look over my terms before you commit. I want to  make sure you are happy with payment details okay. 

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