Does this describe you?

  • I'm a parent.

  • I have one or more young people under the age of 18.

  • I am concerned about their emotional well-being.

Okay great! let's go a little deeper,

  • Did an event happen that has caused your young person to be sad?

  • Has this sadness lasted for more than two months?

  • Have they struggled to cope with a loss? 

  • Or has someone broken their trust? 

  • You're worried that they aren't engaging in life the way they normally did?

You're looking for a safe place so your young person can process and explore the events. 

You need someone to help you understand what is happening with them, someone who'll give them the space to feel safe and to give you skills to patiently assist them through this time. 

Or, maybe....

You're you a woman; mother, daughter, sister, friend. 

You've been looking for a safe confidential space to get make sense of life.  

Lately, you're overwhelmed with all the people you need to be for others.

 The crap just keeps piling up, and you aren't able to find a way out.


you're forgetting who you are.


Your low days are getting more and more frequent.

You're struggling. 

You want someone that will listen to you without judgment

Someone to really hear you, to understand YOU. 



Am I getting close?

 Not worry, 

I completely understand. More than you know.

I get it and I am here for you and your family. 


So, who are you?

  you must be asking


I am Richelle Richards.  Mother of two, artist, and Art Psychotherapist. 

I am passionate about helping young people, like yours, and women, like you,  find their voice through investigation and exploration with art.



I am trained at the Master's level as an Art Psychotherapist having previously completed a B.A. in Fine Art Education with a teaching certification. Yup, In my former life I was an art teacher. 


I LOVE developing my skills and I use my free time to enhance my craft through further workshops and training. One training, in particular, that I do with clients is my CATT model certification(Children's Accelerated Trauma Training). 

This technique was developed by art therapists working with survivors after the genocide in Rwanda to help the community process and heal from trauma-related  PTSD.   

I use this, along with other techniques, in my sessions to help clients move through their own personal trauma response. 

Like I said,


         I get it....


Sometimes, it gets difficult to be there for your young one.  And when things get too much, it can be hard for you to show up for yourself.

 With all the STUFF we have going there are times we miss the emotional cues our young ones give to warn us they are hurting or struggling to navigate. 

Let's face it, the children, adolescents and the adult speak two separate languages. 

Even worst, 

Women don't get it right when it comes to meeting their own emotional needs sometimes.



Let me help you close these gaps by offering a professional, confidential non-judgmental ear and the tools to help you both through this confusing time.  

 Book a  free discovery call today.


What do you have to lose? 

I'm looking forward to talking to you soon. 




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