Art Psychotherapist 

Richelle Richards 

All Things Art Therapy 

I am having a FREE informational session so I can explain to you what I do!


Cool right....


Before this, had you ever heard of an Art Psychotherapist ?

I'm sure you've been confused about what art therapy is.


You know what?

I've been thinking about it myself and I realized that I probably needed to take some time to just explain my work to you.


And I am more than happy to do this for you!


That way you would know exactly how I can be there for you and your family.  Or maybe you've been looking for ways to support a family you love. 


I've planned this session to give you first hand details about how I help support trauma survivors, ease anxiety and depression in children and teens.


But more important, how I help families break free of negative generational habits that aren't healthy.

You'll learn how trauma affects the brain and how art has the ability to tap into it to process and heal PTSD. 


It's FREE, so you don't have anything to lose.

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